Wireless Sensor Quick Pick
These wireless sensors are compatible with both Simon and Concord panels.
General Accessories (Wireless)        
Keyfobs (Wireless)        
Part # Description
60-707-01-95R 2-Button SAW Keyfob
60-659-95R 4-Button SAW Keyfob
60-607-319.5 2-Button Crystal Keyfob
60-606-319.5 4-Button Crystal Keyfob
TX-4014-01-2 DesignLine 4-Button Keyfob, Black
TX-3030-01-1 DesignLine 4-Button Flat Wall TX/RF Touchpad, White
60-906-95 Wrist Watch Panic Button, Water Resistant  
Door / Window Contacts (Wireless)        
Part #
60-670-95R SAW Door/Window Sensor, White
60-670-11-95R SAW Door/Window Sensor, Brown
60-362N-10-319.5 Crystal Standard Door/Window Sensor, White
60-362N-11-319.5 Crystal Standard Door/Window Sensor, Brown
60-641-95 Crystal Long-Life Door/Window Sensor, White
60-641-11-95 Crystal Long-Life Door/Window Sensor, Brown
60-688-95 Crystal Micro Door/Window Sensor, White
60-741-95,Recessed Crystal  sensor white Photo;(Recessed_micro_door-and-window sensor_image_low.gif)
60-688-11-95 Crystal Micro Door/Window Sensor, Brown
60-741-95 Crystal Recessed Micro Door/Window Sensor, White
60-499-10-319.5 Crystal Slim Line Door/Window Sensor, White
60-499-11-319.5 Crystal Slim Line Door/Window Sensor, Brown
TX-1010-01-1 DesignLine Door/Window Sensor, White
TX-1010-01-3 DesignLine Door/Window Sensor, Brown r05388v2
TX-1510-01-1 DesignLine Recessed Door/Window Sensor, White
TX-8010-01-1 DesignLine Garage Door Sensor, White
PIR Sensors (Wireless)        
60-807-95R Indoor Saw PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor: 40 Pounds. 35' X 40' Coverage Area
60-703-95 Indoor Crystal PIR Motion Sensor: 35' X 40' Coverage Area. Two Sensitivity Settings
60-880-95 Indoor Crystal PIR Motion Sensor: Coverage Area and Sensitivity Modes Are Field-Selectable. 33' or 50' Coverage Area. Cover-Activated Tamper
60-511-01-95 Indoor Crystal PIR Motion Sensor: 40' X 40' Coverage Area
60-511-02-95 Indoor Crystal PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor: 40 Pounds, 40' X 40' Coverage Area
60-639-95R-OD Outdoor Saw PIR Motion Sensor: For Driveways, Walkways, etc. 35' X 40' Coverage Area
Glassbreaks (Wireless)        
60-873-95 ShatterPro Crystal Glassbreak Sensor: 360 Room Coverage, Up to 20 Away
60-834-95 Crystal Adjustable Dual Technology Sound Sensor: 360 Room Coverage, Up to 25 Away.
Shock Sensors (Wireless)        
60-886-95 Crystal Shock Sensor, White
60-886-11-95 Crystal Shock Sensor, Brown
Smoke and Heat Detectors (Wireless)        
TX-6010-01-1 Supervised Wireless Smoke, Residential UL217 Transmitter
60-460-319.5-LB Crystal 135 Rate-of-Rise Heat Sensor W/Lithium Battery: Responds to High Temperatures or Rapid Temperature Changes
60-460-01-95 Crystal 200 Rate-of-Rise Heat Sensor w/Lithium Battery: Responds to High Temperatures or Rapid Temperature Changes
Environmental Sensors (Wireless)        
60-744-95R Saw Water Sensor: Detects Water Leaks in Homes and Businesses. Consists of a Detector and a Transmitter.
60-504-10-319.5 Crystal Freeze Sensor, White: Detects Furnace Failure By Signaling the Panel When Air Temperature Falls Below 45 F. Monitors Up to 900 Sq. Ft
60-652-95 Crystal Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor. Detects hazardous levels of carbon monoxide gas. When gas is detected, an alarm signal is sent to the panel, an internal siren sounds & a red light comes on. Green light indicates detector is functioning properly
Repeater (Wireless)        
80-922-1 Repeater Kit 319.5, with Crystal Transmitter
13-551 Hardwire to 319.6 Wireless Translator
13-554 Honeywell to UTC Wireless to Wireless Translator and 12VDC Transformer
13-553 12VDC Transformer
Wireless Receivers      
60-660-01-95R Quik Bridge Supervised 8-Channel Loop Receiver. Receiver allows up to 16 Learn Mode wireless sensors (2/channel) to be used. Powered from hardwire panel.
60-760-95R Quik Bridge Non-Supervised 2-Channel Receiver: Non-supervised 2-Channel Receiver Enables Use of Up to 4 Wireless Learn Mode Sensors.
60-760-01-95R Quik Bridge Supervised 1-Channel Receiver: Supervised 1-Channel Capability.