HVAC Systems
Sprinkler Systems

Conventional Detection

i3 Series DetectorsManualData Sheet
2W-B i3 2-wire Photoelectronic
2WT-B i3 2-wire Photo/Thermal
2WTA-B i3 2-wire Photo/Thermal with Sounder
2WTR-B i3 2-wire Photo/Thermal with Form C Relay
4W-B i3 4-wire Photoelectronic
4WT-B i3 4-wire Photo/Thermal
4WTA-B i3 4-wire Photo/Thermal with Sounder
4WTR-B i3 4-wire Photo/Sounder with Form C Relay
4WTAR-B i3 4-wire Photo/Thermal with Form C Relay and Sounder
4WITAR-B i3 4-wire Photo/Isolated Thermal with Form C Relay and Sounder
Carbon Monoxide DetectorsManualData Sheet
CO1224T 4-wire System-Connected Carbon Monoxide Detector
5600 Series Mechanical Heat DetectorsManualData Sheet
Single-circuit Models
5601P 135°F Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise
5602 194°F Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise
5603 135°F Fixed Temperature
5604 194°F Fixed Temperature
Dual-circuit Models
5621 135°F Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise
5622 194°F Fixed Temperature/Rate-of-Rise
5623 135°F Fixed Temperature
5624 194°F Fixed Temperature
100 Series Plug-in DetectorsManualData Sheet
2151/2151T Plug-in Photoelectronic
400 Series Heat DetectorsManualData Sheet
5451 Plug-in Rate-of-rise Heat
Special Application DetectorsManualData Sheet

BEAM1224(S) Infrared Beam Smoke Detector

2151 Low-profile Photoelectronic for Duct Applications

Conventional RelaysManualData Sheet
PR-1 (Potted with Pigtail Series)
PR-2/PR-3 (Potted with Pigtail Series)
EOLR-1 End of Line (Potted with Pigtail Series)
R-10T, R-14T, R-20T, R-24T (Track Mount Series)
R-10E, R-14E, R-20E, R-24E (Steel Enclosure Series)
Smoke Detector AccessoriesManualData Sheet
SENS-RDR i3 Series Sensitivity Reader
2W-MOD2 i3 Series Loop Test/Maintenance Module
RRS-MOD i3 Series Reversing Relay/Synchonization Module
A77-AB 100 Series Smoke Detector Adapter Bracket NA
APA151 Annunciator with Piezo Alert
RA400Z/RA400ZA Remote Annunciator NA
RMK400 Recessed Mounting Kit NA
RTS451 Remote Test Station NA
RTS451KEY Remote Key Test Station NA
SMB600 Surface Mount Box NA
SMK400 Surface Mount Kit NA
XR2 100 Series Detector Removal Tool NA
6500-MMK Heavy-Duty Multi-Mount Kit for BEAM1224(S) NA
6500-SMK Surface Mount Kit for Use With the 6500-MMK NA
BEAMMMK Multi-Mount Kit for BEAM1224(S)
BEAMSMK Surface Mount Kit for BEAM1224(S)
BEAMLRK Long-Range Kit for BEAM1224(S)
BEAMHK Heater Kit for use with the Transmitter/Receiver unit of the BEAM1224(S) NA
BEAMHKR Heater Kit for use with the Reflector unit of the BEAM1224(S) NA
Smoke Detector BasesManualData Sheet
B110LP 100 Series Base NA
B110RLP 100 Series Base NA
B112LP 100 Series Base NA
B114LP 100 Series Base NA
B114LPBT 100 Series Base NA
B116LP 100 Series Base NA
B401 400 Series Base NA
B401B 400 Series Base NA
B401BR 400 Series Base NA
B402B 400 Series Base NA
B404B 400 Series Base NA
B406B 400 Series Base NA
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