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HVAC Smoke DetectorsManualData Sheet
D4120 InnovairFlex™ Low-Flow 4-wire Photoelectric
D4120W InnovairFlex Watertight Low-Flow 4-wire Photoelectric
D2 InnovairFlex Low-Flow 2-wire Photoelectric
DNR InnovairFlex Intelligent Non-relay Low-Flow Photoelectric
DNRW InnovairFlex Watertight Intelligent Non-relay Low-Flow Photoelectric
2151 Pendant-mounted Low-profile Photoelectronic
HVAC AccessoriesManualData Sheet
D4S 4-wire photoelectric sensor component
D4P120 4-wire photoelectric power board component
2D51 4-wire conventional photoelectric sensor head
DH400 OE-1 Outdoor Enclosure
RTC100 Remote Test Coil for 2151
RTC Remote Test Coil for 2451
PS12/24LENSW Smoke Strobe Lens Wall Mount
PS12/24LENSC Smoke Strobe Lens Ceiling Mount NA
APA151 Remote Annunciator with Piezo Alarm
RA400Z Smoke Detector Annunciator
RTS451 Remote Test Station
RTS451KEY Remote Test Station with Key
SSK451 Multi-signaling Accessory
MOD400R Detector Test Module NA
B114LP 120VAC Mounting Base for 2151
B114LPBT 24VAC/DC Mounting Base for 2151
B404B 120VAC Mounting Base for 2451
B404BT 24VAC/DC Mounting Base for 2451
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