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Intelligent Detection

200 Series DetectorsManualData Sheet
2251B Photoelectric
2251TB Photoelectric with Thermal
2251TMB Acclimate® Multicriteria Detector
1251B Ionization
5251B Fixed-temperature Thermal
5251RB Rate-of-Rise Thermal
5251H High Temperature Thermal
2251-COPTIR Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector
Smoke Detectors for Special ApplicationsManualData Sheet
FTX-P1 Filtrex®
2251TMB Acclimate Multicriteria Detector
Acclimate FAQs NA
7251 Pinnacle® Laser Smoke Detector
Pinnacle FAQs NA
BEAM200(S) Reflected Beam Smoke Detector
Duct Smoke DetectorsManualData Sheet
D2 InnovairFlex™ Low-Flow 2-wire Photoelectric
DNR InnovairFlex Intelligent Non-relay Low-Flow Photoelectric
DNRW InnovairFlex Watertight Intelligent Non-relay Low-Flow Photoelectric
7251DH High Sensitivity Laser Duct Smoke Detector
500 Series ModulesManualData Sheet
CR-6 Six Relay Module
SC-6 Six Control Module
CZ-6 Six Conventional Zone Interface Module
IM-10 Ten Input Monitor Module
BB-2 Two Module Enclosure NA
BB-6 Six Module Enclosure NA
M500MB Monitor Module
M500DM Dual-Input Monitor Module
M500R Relay Module
M500S Control Module
M501M Mini Monitor Module
M502M Zone Interface Module
M500X Isolator Module
M500FP Firefighter Phone Module
M500M-4-20 Analog Input Module for 4-20mA Sensors
CB500 Control Module Barrier
SMB500 Surface Mount Box
Conventional RelaysManualData Sheet
PR-1 (Potted with Pigtail Series)
PR-2/PR-3 (Potted with Pigtail Series)
EOLR-1 End of Line (Potted with Pigtail Series)
R-10T, R-14T, R-20T, R-24T (Track Mount Series)
R-10E, R-14E, R-20E, R-24E (Steel Enclosure Series)
Intelligent BasesManualData Sheet
B501 4" Base
B501BH Sounder Base
B501BHT Temp-Tone Sounder Base
B501BH-2 Sounder Base
B501BHT-2 Temp-Tone Sounder Base
B210LP 6" Flanged Base with Trim Ring
B224RB Relay Base
B224BI Isolator Base
B501B-FTX Filtrex Base
RMK400 Recessed Mounting Kit
SMK400 Surface Mount Kit for 4" Bases
SMB600 Surface Mount Kit for 6" Flanged Bases
AccessoriesManualData Sheet
SYNC-1 Accessory Card for use with SC-6
RA400Z Remote Annunciator NA
RTS451 Remote Test Station NA
RTS451KEY Remote Test Station with Key NA
XR2B Low-profile Detector Removal Tool NA
T55-R7-000 Detector Removal Head NA
XR2 Low-profile Detector Removal Tool NA
XR5 Detector Removal Tool NA
BCK-200B Black Detector Kit for 200 Series Detectors NA
WCK-200B White Detector Kit for 200 Series Detectors NA
EA-CB Wiring Barrier NA
6500-MMK Heavy-Duty Multi-Mount Kit for BEAM200(S)
6500-SMK Surface Mount Kit for Use With the 6500-MMK
BEAMMMK Multi-Mount Kit for BEAM200(S)
BEAMSMK Surface Mount Kit for BEAM200(S)
BEAMLRK Long-Range Kit for BEAM200(S)
BEAMHK Heater Kit for use with the Transmitter/Receiver unit of the BEAM200(S)
BEAMHKR Heater Kit for use with the Reflector unit of the BEAM200(S)
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