Installing the Web Browser Plug-in

Browsers compatible with Netscape Navigator need the nppdf32.dll file (Windows) or PDFViewer plug-in (Mac OS) to display PDF. When you install Acrobat Reader, this plug-in is automatically installed in the Netscape plug-in folder, if you have Navigator on your system. If you install Navigator after installing Acrobat Reader, or if you're using another browser compatible with Navigator, you can install this plug-in yourself.

To install the Web browser plug-in:

1. Open the Browser folder (Windows) or the Web Browser Plug-in folder (Mac OS) in the Acrobat Reader folder.

2. Copy the nppdf32.dll file (Windows) or the PDFViewer plug-in (Mac OS) to your Web browser's plug-ins folder.

Setting up Acrobat Reader as a Helper Application

If your Web browser does not display PDF documents in the browser window, or if you prefer not to view PDF documents in the Web browser, you can set up Acrobat Reader as a helper application in your browser's preferences. Then, when you view a PDF document on the Web, Acrobat Reader will start and display the document. When Acrobat Reader works as a helper application, you cannot use Fast Web Viewing, form submittal in a browser, or search highlighting on the Web. You can set an option preference so that all PDF documents on the Web open in a new Acrobat Reader window.

To set up your Web browser to recognize PDF files, you must define a MIME type and a file type. The file type should be pdf. The MIME type should be application/pdf. See your browser's documentation for information on configuring it. This is especially important for using Netscape 6.0.

If you are using Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later, and you want to use Acrobat Reader as a helper application, rename the PDFViewer plug-in or delete it from the Netscape plug-in folder. The plug-in is named nppdf32.dll (Windows) or PDFViewer (Mac OS). Note: This is not necessary in Mac OS.

To use Acrobat Reader as a helper application in Windows:

1. Choose Edit > Preferences, and select Options.

2. Deselect Display PDF in Browser, and click OK.

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